Sexy iPhone vs Sexy Bathroom

July 16, 2010

They don’t really go together except that both are well designed, good-looking and useful.  I had a hard time deciding today whether to post about my new iPhone (who cares if calls drop when I hold it – kidding, it’s been fine – it’s still the sexiest hand-held device on the market today…) or to write about this sexy bathroom.  So… let me just say that the iPhone 4 is worth every penny, technical support agents are super friendly and helpful AND so far no dropped calls from my smart, slim, stylish and SEXY iPhone.  So let’s get to the bathroom… Sexy right?  The vanity reminds me of the Jackson Chest from Oly (a lot).

I love the curves and the clean crisp white lacquered finish.  The fact that is “floats” is a bonus.  What works in this well proportioned bathroom for me is the balance of masculine and feminine.  Curves vs lines, soft vs hard, light vs dark… it all comes together for me.  Now, that’s not to say that an ALL masculine room can’t work (it can) but anyone man or woman would be comfortable in this beautiful space.  Funny that so many opposites can add up to such a harmonious space.


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