White on White Looks Right

July 14, 2010

When in doubt, go all white.  You can change the mood of a white on white room simply by changing the accents. Add textural elements for interest and depth, add bright splashes of color for punch, add black for depth and drama, patterns and/or floral for personality… the possibilities are endless.  White is a chameleon color, in the summer it is fresh and light perfect for those hot humid days and in the winter white is elegant and spare like a leafless stand of trees.  The great thing about an all white room ( or almost all white ) is that the textures and shapes really become the focus.

Sometimes my posts are just great things I’ve come across in my life that I’ve wanted to share with you, or celebrate or something I’m longing for personally…  I have to confess I do not have a white on white room, but I want one.  An entire house actually, it will happen someday I’m sure.  But I am lucky enough to be working with a couple on their new condo in Cambridge and our plan is to create a white on white space.  We all love the modern aesthetic and plan on adding some classic mid-century pieces but want to keep the palette white on white to highlight their art collection and to give them something different from the traditional home we created together in a suburb of Boston for them.  They really want their collection to be primary in the apartment, like they are living in a gallery White on white furnishings will do the trick… but don’t be fooled the attitude is in the commitment to white on white, and the room(s) will still make a statement and It will look good no matter what we layer in or don’t.


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