July 12, 2010

Some of you might be thinking “what has happened to this mans modern sensibility?”  I wondering that a bit myself these days, I mean I have always had this Jekyll & Hyde relationship with traditional and modern, but it seems I’ve really gone to the dark side as of late… everything country?  COUNTRY!?!

OK, OK… maybe not everything but I just love the broken-in, easy aesthetic of cottage, cabin and camp and I’m not embarrassed to say it.  How can you resist the charm of mix-matched chairs pushed around a banquette bathed in sunlight and filled to capacity with down filled pillows covered in ticking stripes, old world florals and maybe a needlepoint your grandmother did.  I can’t.  I’m smitten kittens with bead board and lanterns inside, painted floors, and cafe curtains.

Built-in banquettes are the epitome of charming, and I want one.  It’s a sofa and a chair, window seat and bench all rolled into one.  you can squeeze in a small army of hungry kids, or you alone can stretch out with the New York Times and drink coffee all day while you watch the garden and its resident bunnies.  It really is a good way to make the best use of a tight space.  A chair typically needs 36 inches minimum behind it to allow easy in and out.  Bench seats and banquettes need only be 22 to 26 inches deep so it’s a space saver too.

Truth be told, the summer weather makes me long for a 3 season house with water views and painted floors AND I’m helping some of my favorite clients with a summer-house, so I’m sure I haven’t turned my back on modern…but decorating is a lot like acting in that you sometimes have to get into character to really deliver.  Lets just say I’m enjoying the role tremendously and don’t want it to end.  I love shopping the New York Boston and San Francisco showrooms and using beautiful, finely crafted fabrics for fancy apartments and grand homes, but I gotta say shopping the antiques stores and flea markets and covering everything in natural linen doesn’t really suck either.


One Response to “Banquettes”

  1. janice Says:

    love the personal narrative.

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