Bed Time

July 7, 2010

How many mornings in a week do you wake up wishing you could stay in bed all day?  For me lets just say that I couldn’t afford the bed if I stayed in it as much as I wanted to.  But we all spend a lot of time in our beds, reading, watching TV, snuggling and yes sleeping.  A good mattress is important  and fresh cotton sheets are a minimum when it comes to bedding but when you walk in the room nothing makes the impact like a beautiful bed.  it’s a BED room after all!

Decorators love to put big beds in small rooms, it can often make the room feels bigger.  And when I say big that can mean it’s presence not just it’s volume.  The Ogden bed from the Ogden collection by Maine Cottage is a new favorite.  The frame is something they have been peddling for some time (see Calvin bed) but the brushed and whitewashed oak is a new finish that totally changes the look of the bed. It’s beachy and more earthy than their painted pieces, but it looks great mixed in with pieces from their other collections.  I love it because it has presence, it doesn’t take up too much space… tall powerful posts make a statement at 80″ high, but they are lean and clean leaving space to breath and see past them to the rest of the room.

For those of you who like matched sets, or prefer an upholstered bed there are companion pieces to the Ogden bed.  There is the window seat with storage baskets ( sold separately, you choose color ) a medium and large dresser and a one drawer nightstand.  For more info check out


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