Beams, Beams, Beams!

July 6, 2010

Everywhere I look… BEAMS.  It is said that the ceiling is one the most overlooked areas when it comes to decorating, and I’m willing to bet that most folks are not willing to take a chance on a decorative ceiling for fear the risk will back-fire.  Beams are just one element that architects and builders use to add visual interest to a space, some times they are just necessary to keep the ceiling from falling in but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be well though out and treated appropriately.  I’m all about a rough-hewn beam in a modern or rustic space, but generally I like a painted beam, relying on the texture of the beam and not the contrast of color.  It softens the element in the space so the ceiling doesn’t “take over” the room.  The natural dark beams work in the spaces above and below because the rooms and their furnishings are clean and simple, the beams really add to the over-all effect.

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