the Perfect Room

July 5, 2010

So my summer fantasy continues with the perfect furniture for the perfect summer house.  Painted floors are an absolute given…  nothing says summer house like a painted wood floor.  On that floor I know I’d mix it up with an assortment of wicker wood and upholstered pieces like this Bradstreet sofa from Maine Cottage

The best part is I don’t have to wait, I have a client working on a summer-house right now and I think this maine cottage sofa is perfect… so I get to create the perfect summer living room, just not for me.  Were going to paint the walls a soft brownish-yellow and use lots of white slip covers on furniture that came with the house, so bringing the wall color down into the room on the sofa will look great!  For this client, I may decide to go more neutral on the side tables ( I’ll hold back on the turquoise until it’s for me ) and probably use natural cane, and white side tables allowing the art to really pop.

Speaking of pop, you can still get impact in a room when you keep things tonal.  Going two or three shades darker than your wall color on furniture gives you contrast without a jarring effect.  There is punctuation and accent but a quiet calm at the same time.  I might sneak this wicker love-seat under the far window to give the livingroom a porchy feeling.  It will need some oversized uber-soft pillows to make it cuddle worthy, but I know it’s the vibe I want.   Everything else will get the white-on-white treatment…  pulling the trim and making an easy, casual statement.  I’ll be sure to post a picture when we get that far.


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