The perfect day

July 4, 2010

The perfect day involves a lot of lying around outside under the shade of the maple trees, my dog by my side and a strong cup of coffee near by.  I’m having one of those days right now, the sky is a little bit hazy, but it’s warm on the East Coast at 9:20 am so it’s gonna be another hot one.  ah…summer time.  The lying around thing comes after a morning in the yard of course, things need to get done, or before a tennis match or a swim at the beach but there is nothing like that cozy nappy feeling when you find yourself laying down during the day.  Maybe I love the idea of napping so much because it feels naughty, like I should be doing something else, but I can even get excited about creating a nappy place to stretch.  Like the day bed above.  Can’t you just imagine that entire set-up on a screened porch? A soft breeze moving the warm air, your favorite cotton shirt and faded khaki shorts on… maybe even a glow on your skin from some time in the sun ( with sunblock of course ).   AHHH!  love summer.


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