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June 29, 2010

So I wanted to write about garden stools and I thought I could go through some work photos and find pictures of garden stools that I have used recently, but then I just googled “garden stool” and look at all the blogs that have also featured this must have…

As found on: Casa Sugar

“With Spring on my mind, I can’t help but be attracted to this Neiman Marcus Cane Garden Stool ($220), which brings to mind a latticed garden archway. This one’s less than half the price of the crave worthy stool I featured recently and opens up top as storage for your outdoor (or indoor) essentials. Its hand-painted woven pattern is very Dorothy Draper, I must say, and would sparkle in any modern-day prepster interior”.

As found on: Younghouselove

“Some people might declare that these little stools are too trendy, or even (gasp) over. But we don’t really subscribe to the notion that the world at large can decide when it’s uncool to like something (perhaps it’s why I wore bodysuits and stirrup pants far beyond the bounds of 5th grade, but I make no apologies and only blush profusely at the memory). Anyway, the truth is that we would have purchased this white ceramic guy ten years ago and we’re sure we’d still enthusiastically snatch him up in ten years to come, so to us that spells classic with a capital C. Really, it can live in any room of the house and work effortlessly with all of our decor. In other words, it had us at hello”.

As found on: itsthelittlethingsthatmakeahouseahome

“..and I love that they’re used indoors and out as a versatile piece that can be placed anywhere you may need it.  How pretty is this?”

As found on: Decor8blog

“Why so appealing? They can do it all – the true multitaskers. They fuction as a foot rest, small table, plant stand, place for kitty to sit, or just for a little eye candy – a bright burst of color. They are also small enough to not give commitment phobes a showroom freak out, it’s just one itty bitty stool. Slightly larger than throw pillows. About the same price. We love a good ole barely-break-a-sweat purchase”.

As found on: Apartment therapy

“Weighty ceramic garden stools infuse a sense of permanence and a jolt of hand-textured embellishment into a garden or an indoor/outdoor space. We like the Cloud Design Stool, which is inspired by 18th century Chinese craft, but juxtaposes its earthy make with an airy repeat motif”.

And so on and so on and so on…  clearly this little design phenomonom is everywhere.  I love them, they are cheap, easy to find and use, work in any decor and trendy or not, they look good.


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