My Front Porch

June 22, 2010

On my front porch the urns stay the same, but the seasons dictate the contents.  Gone is the stacked firewood wrapped in bittersweet, we used the wood as necessary in the last few weeks of winter and in its place festive coleus.  It’s really just taken hold and will quickly grow to 5 times the size it is now.  This bright and colorful plant thrives on the porch in shade most of the day and intense late afternoon sun, as long as I remember to water it, it will look good all summer long.  I do pinch the small flowers that the plants produce to keep them full and thick, but other than that they require no other maintenance.  I like to mix the same plants in both urns, but place them differently so they match but they aren’t totally the same, but love the way the bright green plants (Ornamental Sweet Potato Ipomoea batatas ‘Chartreuse’) up-front to trail over the lip of the planter, so those are always front and center.


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