Cheeming Boey

March 17, 2010

So, usually my “Get To Know” blog posts highlight iconic architects, world-famous designers and successful artists with decades of work… Cheeming Boey is not as well know yet but I predict he will be soon.  From Malaysia, his childhood included typical interests like computer games and drawing comics.  As a young adult he studied animation in San Francisco and was hired to design computer games.   Destiny fulfilled?  Not quite… somewhere between a friend telling him no one would buy art on a 4 cent cup and waiting for his girlfriend Boey’s styrofoam cup art was born.  Simple cartoons morfed into intricate drawings and stories began to emerge as he mastered this new medium and today his art is available on-line for $140 to $280 per cup!  He has shown at a gallery in Southern California and his following is growing so go and get yours before the cups are $1400 to $2800, they are available on  BTW, he also has a funny and quirky journal as part of his own website at

I love these.  The artwork is tatoo artist meets Lichtenstein meets South Park.  Some times funny and sometimes just beautiful the cups represent for me that art can happen anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in an expensive frame, it doesn’t have to be an oil painting on canvas… something as ordinary and a styrofoam cup can be the canvas and a sharpie pen the medium.   And, in a world where so much is temporary, wasted and thrown away I think the cups make a powerful statement.


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