Antique Show Highlights

January 26, 2010

This weekend was the Americana & Antiques Show at Pier 92 & the Armory.  Both locations were chock full of beautiful things and I spent the majority of two days soaking it all in.  It was great to see what’s selling (and what’s not) and I would have to say the big thing is mechanical and/or industrial looking light fixtures.  Almost everyone had a wall-mounted or desk top articulated arm light fixture and prices were not cheap.  Some of my favorites included brass armed lights with almost flat disks as the shade – the entire Edison bulb, also VERY trendy, showed and steel fixtures with green painted metal shades.  Furniture ranged from 1850 to 1950 and beyond.  Standouts included these great orange arm chairs offered by Jeffrey Beal Henkel out of Pennington, NJ.  he waited 7 years to create these custom finish chairs because his re-finisher didn’t want to attempt this wonderful color.  Id say it was worth the wait, they were spectacular!  There were also industrial looking accessories.  The picture below is of a fittings example made of wood to show the way pipes would be joined, the vendor had several and they made striking wall sculptures…  Bauhaus-ish.  very cool hung as a grouping anywhere you might have room, the colors and textures were really, really great.

So, not only were there rows and rows of interesting furniture and accessories, there were a lot of creative people presenting cool stuff in creative ways.  In my business presentation is everything… I loved seeing all the creative merchandising these folks came up with and fresh ideas about how things can go together or how to create the total package.  The shot I’m going to leave you with is one of my favorites of the day.  We’ve all seen glass domes used to display dried flowers, small birds and taxidermy animals and objects of curiosity but I had never seen one filled to the brim with eggs of all shapes and sizes.  This is something worthy of the most sincere form of flattery… Imitation!  I will borrow this look, you should too.


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