I’m Working On It

September 15, 2009


7627_24 5422_22_FV

2694_10Had a great meting today with clients who are furnishing a new home ( new to them, it’s circa 1890’s) and I thought I would share some of the furniture we chose today.  As you know by now I am a big fan of Hickory Chair.  They offer quality, hand made furniture, built mostly in the USA and the designs really run the gamut from uber-traditional, transitional, contemporary.  If you are a modern devotee Hickory chair might not be for you, skip this post and check out www.DWR.com

Anyways, we are going with the above pieces in the living room and the palette is ivory, pale sage and caramel, with bits of red and blue, to bring up the beautiful oriental rugs the client is bringing down from Boston.  I love small punches of black so were using this coffee table and an swing arm, antique brass lamp with a black silk shade… I guess I like the way it somehow softens stronger colors ( found in the rug in this case ) when there are bits of black in the room.  Oh, and by the way… we are painting the woodwork in this room dark lichen green and the walls a pale, pale sage-y green called Silken Pine from Ben Moore.  I really think this room will be elegant and calming in all this tonality and the rugs will really be showcased.  I’m hoping to fill the book cases with old books from the clients collection that reflect the deeper tones from the rugs so they aren’t the only departure from our color story… think it’s gonna look great.

Stay tuned for “before” pictures, coming soon.


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