Emma Hack

July 11, 2009


Award winning body artist Emma Hack continues to be at the forefront of an art form growing in popularity.
Through dedication and a passion for her craft, Emma’s 18 year career has evolved from beginnings as a children’s face painter and qualified hairdresser and make-up artist, to a body artist of world acclaim.
Creative projects along with advertising campaigns, corporate events and fashion parades have enabled her to develop her own style which is now instantly recognisable and highly sought after nationally as well as internationally.
Jobs interstate and abroad include Dubai, Holland, Belgium, Hong Kong and Canada, Sydney and Melbourne with clients such as Toyota, Tiffany & Co, Paspaley, Sydney Fashion Week, MAC, Sony Playstation, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Optus, Cirque du Soliel and Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Emma Hack is a woman of many amazing talents, a combination sculptor, photographer, painter and illustrator who has combined her skills to create a stunning series of photographs featuring the beauty, fragility and adaptability of the female form.  I was totally blown away when I came across these shots on the internet.  Not only is the art amazing, but the film and the styling are all perfect, both play with the balance of illusion and reality.   What started for Hack as face paintings for children and make-up for the fashion industry has become an art form with a life of its own.  Her 18 year career has taken he all over the world ( Dubi, Holland, Belgum, Toyoko, to name a few) and she has worked with large companies including Toyota, Tiffany’s and MAC Cosmetics.   



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