December 19, 2012

darin5I’m not much for faux finishes, but I have been known to use decorative paint in my work.  I’m typically trying to add architectural interest where there is none when I employ decorative paint, or to add color in a room where I don’t want the color to be the focal point and sometimes I’m “adding visually” to a room where I’m limited by budget and by that I mean I’d rather wallpaper a back wall of a bookcase but a shot of vivid color (paint) usually does the trick.


The other night new friends hosted a dinner party at their home and before I could even ring the doorbell I was smitten with the interesting paint treatment on the glass doors to their turn-of -the-century homes vestibule (regret not taking a picture).  Dark blue mullions were “built-up” with a decorative band of robins eggs blue painted directly onto the glass,  adding dimension and visual interest from inside as well as out.  Inside the first floor foyer, the drywall between the coffers on the ceiling was painted a milk chocolate-ish deep taupe-y color that gave the room a rich and masculine feeling… a wonderful detail, well executed, and an inexpensive way to create a beautiful space.


Which finally brings me to these images.  These clever boys have painted the ceilings of their double parlor with bands of gold that highlight the crown detail and again added richness and detail to a room with just paint. Impressed? um, yeah.. I was in love.  I immediately started thinking about where in my home I could use this pretty detail.  Now on the prowl for more paint details and without  asking I took a peek into the office off the front parlor… more banding only this time it ran up the corners of the room across the baseboard and under the ornate crown.  The effect was fresh and modern and added a spin on the traditional architecture, the modern furniture is largely white, glass and chrome the dark taupe bands really popped and helped the furniture fit into the space…I’m still jealous.


Last room, didn’t really have to go but during dinner I checked out the bathroom and discovered a bold bright yellow medicine cabinet and more taupe banding, these guys got it going on.  the bathroom detail reminded me of the other rooms tying it all together and unifying the rooms.  Clearly they have good taste, and they are clever and come to find out handy…they did it all the painting themselves.




Design Within Reach

December 18, 2012

242490761156212114_kz57I60j_c I have been crushing on Design Within Reach lately… I love the crisp sharp classic designs they produce and carry.  I am careful to not over do it with their product, a few pieces mixed with traditional upholstery or antiques give a room an interesting mix, an eclectic blend of modern, mid-century modern and early 20th century is the dream mix for me.  The price points vary, they are pretty good for the most part, there are deals and there are some pretty ouchy price points too but for the most part when you compare design and construction it’s really “within reach” and worth the price.  These pieces are classic, many have already stood the test of time and the quality is incomparable to  IKEA (IKEA really is down and dirty, but so not worth the build it yourself or the cheap construction).  The sales team in Boston – Tremont Street – couldn’t be nicer, or more professional and they know their stuff.  Hip, Hip, Hooray! …for Design Within Reach.12173861462215186_qjNyv5sW_c 54254370481760831_zRU3qOb9_c 201113939579970382_XEQRQX50_c 141441244516582274_Yvzdd4ev_c 256916353713068688_gqPV5qdW_c 220043131763985705_jrs5qnRI_c 253046072782395589_6BnyC4Jv_c

Gift It – Jack Spade

December 15, 2012

NYRU1341_991I need one, so I’m guessing that there’s a guy in your life that needs one too.  I think the Swedish Ary splinter camouflage is interesting and the pop of the orange contrast bottom makes a statement. Not sure how long I’d want to carry a tote that looks like this (there’s that bag again) but a travel dob-kit is the perfect thing to take some liberties on.  Jack Spade is the mastermind behind this design, click over and take a look at all the cool things they are offering up.

ROMAN & WILLIAMS was featured on the Beachbungalow8 blog back in November, and some how I missed this beautiful spread.  I was intreged by the first image…
It quickly moved to crushing on the second and I knew it was a reblog by the third.  When you get to the vintage inspired bathrooms… Your welcome.  Beautiful!!!
 Their designs and color use, never feels regurgitated. (and I love the feel of this white kitchen)

There’s a sort of macabre thread that they masterfully weave into beautiful and cerebral design.

 This bathroom…is absolutely beautiful, in a haunting, 20s laboratory way. Gorgeous. (WANT)
 Their website has even more……Here
 photos by Grey Crawford. 


December 12, 2012

Skjermbilde 2012-12-04 kl. 21.12.38 Yes, in fact I do like color.  Just because I prefer a white kitchen and a beige living room doesn’t mean I can’t embrace a little (or a lot) of color in my own home and in clients homes.  I actually do more colorful interiors than I do somber, neutral palettes.  My “bread and butter” are second homes near the coast so I do a fair share of Coastal sophisticated, Cottage and  Summer Home type looks.  Often folks want strong fun happy colors, a departure from their regular homes, colors that can stand up to the summer sun.  The influence I have is that the right amount of color is used, and it the right combinations.205336064229903138_ZPjFWP6b_fI suggest using color in places like stair wells because its a place that you pass through vs spend time in.  Another favorite place for strong color is the back of bookcases.  Your collectibles, trinkets, mic-nacks and yes… even your books will look more important and POP against a strong color background.  Window treatments and rugs are other good spots for strong color, rugs because they are on a horizontal plane and there for not as obvious as say the walls or sofa.  Window treatments because they are typically up/open so it’s a small amount actually showing and because it’s a fairly easy change out when/if you grow tired of them.
65583738293066697_o8tpbG9E_c 149392912610143219_MtKUKwKx_cSerious crush on these bunk beds!  I love the soft colors on the horizontal boards… this room says a cool kid lives here.  In fact I want an adult sized version of this set up in my guest house, when I get one… make that when I get one on the beach at my second home.  Until then, the colored boards could become an accent wall, or a backsplash, or a cute second bath.

Color can be subtle, soft and tonal too.  Look at this pretty bottle display, popping with spring blossoms forced indoors for a happy moment of color.  The color of these bottles is a color that always makes me happy… Almost teal, more green than blue, hints of turquoise.  This special color is a cool color that feels good in a home often surrounded by the heat of summer.  If you want to use it for your year-round mix it with gold flourishes to warm it up and create a more glam look.

229965124692321157_DhOv3gNZ_c 163888873909981793_CM2OasBO_c Groovy right?  Funny to me that this palette can go from the “hippy” striped accents in this bedroom to high fashion color blocked outfits and shoes found on the runway, but it does and it works high-brow and low-brow.  My opinion is that strong color works best when surrounded by neutral (white).  The lesson: Strong color should be served up like a condiment.  It’s the ketchup, mayo and/or relish… it’s not the hot dog, bun or plate.  Use thoughtfully and sparingly.154811305911505829_wZcr0HeH_c 68539225548547596_ogo3PGoA_c


tumblr_mdg5k6T9I01qie8fko1_1280MMMM… I love this image.  I look at it and I can imagine the rest of the house, how it’s furnished and how much I’d like to live in it.  The images that follow are not this structures interiors, but rather my interpretation of the colors, textures and feeling I’d finish this space with.  The warm wood ceilings of the first glass house would warm the exposed concrete shell and the heavy and thick walls make for a perfect juxtaposition with walls of glass.  Forrest or beach this structure wants to settle into its surroundings but split and grow from the earth like an outcropping of rocks.  tumblr_me560lQSGI1rkvxjgo1_500

I would keep things low and clean.  Straight lines and simple forms honor the clean architecture.  Over-scaled art will make an even stronger impact with its surroundings left spare.  No patterns to distract.  Earthy colors.  The lightness of legless side tables and vanities plays well with the heavy walls. 122-660x879 I love a wall of subway tile.. floor to ceiling, wall to wall… Simple but textural.   Frameless glass walls in the bathrooms is an obvious choice, but interior walls of glass with curtains to provide privacy when necessary would be very cool.   I like the occasional Bauhaus piece, I imagine a sunken living room with deep built-in sofas and a giant fireplace.  Leather and linen seem to be a good fit here. 
04 The porthole in the showers glass echos the architecture and a built-in teak shower pan is the perfect foil to create a warm spa-like vibe in a hard, grey and cold environment.  And who doesn’t love a Saarinen table?tumblr_mcfzmiz9YB1qbvgdqo1_500


tumblr_m9e9lyl4Ho1qatvvoo1_500Open shelves and white kitchens, nuf said really…

It’s ALL about open shelves in today’s kitchen.  107593878567131408_w5EbL59A_cModern or traditional… both benefit from easily accessed and visually “light” shelves.

Try a floating box if your look is modern, brackets if your so inclined.

tumblr_madpd3AIXg1qatvvoo1_500What you choose to display or store will set a mood so fill in accordingly.

I like my drinking glasses out so folks can help themselves.27832_lantkok Shelves over the sink mak putting the dishes away easy.

Keeping like items together (glass or all white) maintains a cohesive look.24699497925836862_OKwny7vQ_cNo budget to remodel your kitchen?  Take off a few cabinet doors.

Paint the insides to match the walls for a seemless look or an accent color if you like color.


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