January 7, 2013

259519997247108103_WqD7sBHx_c I want one.  NO, I REALLY WANT ONE.  So much so I might just make one.  how hard could it be?  Looks to me like you sew two small blankets together and you’re done, Bata-bing Bata-boom!  But I have to say the above “slicker” style poncho is very cool – harder to make so I might have to figure out who designed this one and buy it.  I don’t remember where this image came from… something makes me think it’s Tommy Hilfiger, I’m not always a fan of his but this poncho rocks.  A Bing or Google search came up with some great alternatives…

non1417bei_01This one from – NonnativeALRBB138_v1LThis one from –
4190030751_2-ponchoThis one from – earthwatch.comAALPO036_L…or if this was brown or grey or navy. Don’t care that it’s “for ladies” (also from Alpaca Mall).

product_737_fileTheres even a poncho for people in wheelchairs at!

Ponchos for EVERYONE! Look even the cool kids are wearing them…capa-poncho

Who wants to help me sew one? Stay tuned…


December 19, 2012

darin5I’m not much for faux finishes, but I have been known to use decorative paint in my work.  I’m typically trying to add architectural interest where there is none when I employ decorative paint, or to add color in a room where I don’t want the color to be the focal point and sometimes I’m “adding visually” to a room where I’m limited by budget and by that I mean I’d rather wallpaper a back wall of a bookcase but a shot of vivid color (paint) usually does the trick.


The other night new friends hosted a dinner party at their home and before I could even ring the doorbell I was smitten with the interesting paint treatment on the glass doors to their turn-of -the-century homes vestibule (regret not taking a picture).  Dark blue mullions were “built-up” with a decorative band of robins eggs blue painted directly onto the glass,  adding dimension and visual interest from inside as well as out.  Inside the first floor foyer, the drywall between the coffers on the ceiling was painted a milk chocolate-ish deep taupe-y color that gave the room a rich and masculine feeling… a wonderful detail, well executed, and an inexpensive way to create a beautiful space.


Which finally brings me to these images.  These clever boys have painted the ceilings of their double parlor with bands of gold that highlight the crown detail and again added richness and detail to a room with just paint. Impressed? um, yeah.. I was in love.  I immediately started thinking about where in my home I could use this pretty detail.  Now on the prowl for more paint details and without  asking I took a peek into the office off the front parlor… more banding only this time it ran up the corners of the room across the baseboard and under the ornate crown.  The effect was fresh and modern and added a spin on the traditional architecture, the modern furniture is largely white, glass and chrome the dark taupe bands really popped and helped the furniture fit into the space…I’m still jealous.


Last room, didn’t really have to go but during dinner I checked out the bathroom and discovered a bold bright yellow medicine cabinet and more taupe banding, these guys got it going on.  the bathroom detail reminded me of the other rooms tying it all together and unifying the rooms.  Clearly they have good taste, and they are clever and come to find out handy…they did it all the painting themselves.




Gift It – Jack Spade

December 15, 2012

NYRU1341_991I need one, so I’m guessing that there’s a guy in your life that needs one too.  I think the Swedish Ary splinter camouflage is interesting and the pop of the orange contrast bottom makes a statement. Not sure how long I’d want to carry a tote that looks like this (there’s that bag again) but a travel dob-kit is the perfect thing to take some liberties on.  Jack Spade is the mastermind behind this design, click over and take a look at all the cool things they are offering up.

ROMAN & WILLIAMS was featured on the Beachbungalow8 blog back in November, and some how I missed this beautiful spread.  I was intreged by the first image…
It quickly moved to crushing on the second and I knew it was a reblog by the third.  When you get to the vintage inspired bathrooms… Your welcome.  Beautiful!!!
 Their designs and color use, never feels regurgitated. (and I love the feel of this white kitchen)

There’s a sort of macabre thread that they masterfully weave into beautiful and cerebral design.

 This bathroom…is absolutely beautiful, in a haunting, 20s laboratory way. Gorgeous. (WANT)
 Their website has even more……Here
 photos by Grey Crawford. 

Gift It – Cute Undies

December 7, 2012

8121_su11_lg Crushing on, and might have to treat myself to, a pice or two from Ramblers Way – available through Cuddle down, an amazing resource for all things Cuddly – 100% American made wool comfortwear. This earth friendly and sustainable company is second major eco-friendly venture from the folks that spent nearly 40 years building Tom’s of Maine.  You owe it to yourself (and maybe a few lucky people on your list) to experience these revolutionary lightweight, luxuriously soft, wool garments.  I just love the look and feel of them and knowing that they are American made and sustainable, is icing on the cake.  8122_w13_lg 8121_su11_04_lg 208MLongJohn-Madderv3__22197.1320631722.1280.1280


December 6, 2012

I believe in some sort of heaven.  I don’t know what it’s like… how could I? I’m still alive! …and the jury is still out on whether they will let me in when it’s my turn to depart this life, but I sure hope it resembles something close to this: make-your-bed-designDon’t you just want to put on freshly laundered PJ’s and climb into something that feels the way this bed looks?  I do!

I have studied this image and tried to imagine how I would ask my upholsterer to make something that looks like this.  A boxed frame with knife-edge bedskirt-like layers filled with down attached up the sides, like shingles?  I think the illusion of stacked duvets would be lost if there were splits at the corners where side pieces met the foot board pieces.  Maybe it’s more like a coverlet that simply has a multilayered edge that goes over the box spring but not the mattress and then several more make up the top layers?  that would be the easiest and most cost-effective I’m guessing but how would you ever clean it?  OK, OK … I’ve got it:

lay a duvet (or three) on the floor, set the box spring over it/them… add two or three more duvet covers, add a mattress and then add more duvets… Voila!  That’s a lot of duvets, maybe I should google “discounted duvets” or “duvets-for-less” I’m beginning to doubt this will ever happen for me or a client in this lifetime, so I’ll just have to keep wishing that this is what heaven looks like.

It’s In The Bag!

November 21, 2012

Hi, my name is Bill Barr and I’m addicted to bags.  Messenger, tote, back-pack doesn’t matter.. If it holds stuff, and I get to think about how it will look with a given outfit or lend style to a look short on style then I’m in!  I have actually wondered if starting a new blog exclusively for bags would make sense.  it would allow me to indulge my obsession… mens and women’s, ones that I covet, ones others covet, ones that should be coveted, whats trendy, whats out… the list could go on and on, there are so many good bags.

I seem to be a fan of the tote.  I like totes for their ease of entrance.  you can find what you need without a flap, zipper or latches, buckles or even a snap.  If I’m on your list, I would LOVE this navy bag.  It would be my “go to” summer bag, I’d wear it with khakis, and white Jack Purcell sneakers and yeah, a navy and white striped D-ring belt.


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