A (random) Night At Home

January 21, 2014


Newest addiction: Hot water with Meyer lemon and local honey.  Best consumed in your jammies, cozy in front of the fire, catching up on my blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Caution! do not attempt without your readers –  I prefer Eyebobs.  They are relatively cheap, they have a style for every face, a color for every complexion, religion or persuasion.  Once your settled in enjoy the best prices on the internet on Ebay, usually… unless you – like I – covet the book Four Years in Paradise.  It’s giraffe cover is coveted by designers and other visually driven folks, but it’s selling for 250.00 or more. Anything nautical, LV luggage and a few other fetishes later I decide to indulge what may become my mid life crisis manifested: the Volkswagon Truck, volia!


The perfect “weekend car” right?  BTW, “weekend car” is code for Provincetown car.  I could shlep plants, dogs, firewood and bikes in a cool truck like this and look oh so cool doing it. Bikes!  oh yeah… I could really use a cool new bike. I’d like a white one please with leather grips and a basket, or maybe a black one? I love the idea of a pretty bike.  It’s like having a nice car.  These bikes didn’t come from Ebay, but they are pretty.


I’ve been on line for several minutes, I way beyond Ebay now. I’m looking at real-estate in Provincetown.  The thought of a summer house, ah… I love the daydream of furnishing a tiny house I call my own. Maybe it will look like this…tumblr_mu62vjTMfw1s2re19o1_1280

I love the Japanese-Modern vibe When you design homes for a living and you have hoarder like tendencies, this simple aesthetic (drink all you longtime readers) would be hard to manage.  I’m more of the everything white but layer it up kind of guy.  But the chair is pretty.


Slowly getting tired, the heat of the fire is making me sleepy, and this lemon-honey potion is a far cry from my evening coffee that is probably the root of my late night Pinterest affliction.  as I nod off and think about taking the dogs out one last time I’m wondering what my look should be for work tomorrow.  Maybe roughed up jeans with a chambray shirt and a blue blazer.  A nice pair of shoes can save even a borderline sloppy look.  I’ll do lace up cap toe brown shoes.  perfect.  now I can sleep.


Good night.tumblr_mwxlsjCz5n1r5jwlho1_1280

A Well Dressed Room

April 11, 2013

photo copy 8A sofa, chair, table, rug and lamp really isn’t all that different from a jacket, shirt, tie, pants and shoes.  Designers are constantly referencing lighting as jewelry in the room, and that’s because it quite literally IS the jewelry of the room.  Small accents in metal, glass, stone, mirror, ceramic and the like serve a similar purpose to jewelry.  Sure they provide light but they also add a sparkle, a layer of something small and pretty. Paired with a large swath of fabric (sofa or sweater) the two create a beautiful relationship and complement one another.
photo copy 9Much like wearing a suit (pants, jacket, vest),  a room can be furnished with matching sofa chairs and ottoman.  The look is clean and polished, simple maybe… but done in leather, cashmere or linen the vibe can be tweaked to become something extraordinary.  Rooms can also be a lot like a pair of jeans and an old favorite sweater.  A slip-covered sofa in a hard-working twill and a cozy wool  blanket only needs a fireplace, a good view or a reading light and a book to make it complete.  photo copy 7Whats the point? When you’re furnishing a room, think about getting dressed. Start with how you want the room to look or feel – if you were getting dressed you’d be thinking about the weather, the occasion and of course whats clean – So you should start with whats right for this room, apartment, home. Decide on a palette or a vibe and maybe pick an inspiration piece to guide your decision-making – like a pair of shoes you just have to wear! Your room will need underwear, a good foundation aka. paint and flooring. You’ll need the basics… Rug, sofa or bed, tables or dressers, a chair perhaps (and if we were really getting dressed, a belt, watch, shoes and sox, jewelry, tie pocket square and maybe even a hat and coat!) this means lights, pillows, books, art and of course accessories. Each layer is important and will help give your space a finished quality. Attention to detail is key, you’d iron your shirt right?
photo copy 6

James Perse

March 8, 2013

Picture 46

James Perse Furniture is a natural extension of the brand, with the same essential qualities as the clothing. It is classic, simple, and timeless — the essence of casual living. The collections – Malibu, Nor Cal, Los Angeles and Brentwood – appeal to a broad style of homes, from traditional to modern, and include both indoor and outdoor pieces.
Picture 47James Perse Furniture is made in the USA and sold exclusively at James Perse Boutiques and the James Perse Showroom in Los Angeles.   For more information, please contact furniture@jamesperse.com or visit the James Perse Showroom.

Brentwood Collection
The Brentwood collection is sleek and sophisticated lending itself to a wide variety of décors. Its design is classic and suits both elegant and casual environments. The collection is available in ash wood with an espresso or white finish, as well as top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm.   
The collection includes the Balfour Dining Table, BurlingameTable, Barrington Coffee Table, Hillcrest Console, Concord Desk, and the Helena Dining Stool.



Picture 37

Los Angeles Collection

The Los Angeles Collection is a modern interpretation of the Craftsman style – warm and rustic with clean elegant lines. Pieces are available for indoors, in rough sawn white oak and can be upholstered in 100% Belgium or Italian basket weave linens or a cotton linen blend. For outdoor use, the collection is available in top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm and upholstered with premium all weather fabrics to ensure lasting outdoor use. The collection includes the Craftsmen Bed, Sofa, Chair, and Ottoman. 


Nor Cal Collection
A collection of upholstered pieces that capture the refined and relaxed quality of the James Perse aesthetic: modern and timeless. Fabrics are offered in 100% Belgium and Italian basket weave linens as well as a cotton linen blend, and express a lived in and laundered look. The collection includes the Sonoma Bed, Sofa, Chair and Chaise, the Napa Sofa and Chair, and the Carmel Ottoman.  

Picture 23 james-perse-furniture-collection-3    

Malibu Collection
A collection of classic outdoor furniture updated and refined to reflect the James Perse aesthetic. Made of top quality teak grown on an environmentally friendly farm, the Malibu Collection is upholstered with premium all weather fabrics to ensure lasting outdoor use.  The collection includes the Malibu Sling Chair, Westward Wedge, Montecito Daybed and Chair, Carbon Chaise, Cross Creek Director’s Chair, Colony Chair, and the La Piedra Side Table. james-perse-furniture-collection-1


Pacific Design Center
8687 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90069
Tel 323 606 7660




LAYER While You Can

January 18, 2013


Shirts and sweaters and jackets Oh MY!  And, vests, ties, gloves, hats and SCARFS.  Yes Gentlemen the time to layer is now.  Don’t miss out as we lose the cold weather of winter we will lose the opportunity to layer it up with all that fashion has to offer us these days.  At the top of my personal list is the scarf, yes the man scarf is everywhere and the bigger the better.  I have taken to wearing a scarf so big (James Perse cashmere) it doubles as a blanket!  Scarf leery?  No worries, start small and work with a scarf doubled with the ends pulled though the loop.  This is a fast and easy application that suits scarf and tuxedo, scarf and blazer, scarf and denim jacket or even scarf and T-shirt… YES, scarf and T-shirt.  Don’t knock it tip you’ve tried it.  tumblr_mghebjvXJr1qdfusyo1_500

Vests are a game changer too.  Leave the sport coat at home and layer your chambray shirt and knit tie or bow tie with a vest.  You’ll look pulled together and fashionable but you’ll gain the comfort and flexibility of not wearing a suit jacket, blazer or whathaveyou.  This goes for the puffy vest too, only try this one on the weekend with that new scarf you just bought.  although I’d rock a neck tie and puffy vest, anyway… the point is, a dress shirt and a V-neck sweater doesn’t cut it any more.  tumblr_mf31jfqi7z1qg4knho1_500

If you’re just not up for taking the time to work out a look beyond your regular shirt and coat, add a pocket square and that alone will update your look and add a dash style instantly.  If all else fails, you just can’t be bothered, you’re not a fashionista and maybe your happy in that “I don’t give into fashion” place… Do me a favor, Put on a cashmere or merino wool turtle neck with a sport coat or blazer and your darkest pair of denims before you hit the cold street of your hometown. I promise it will add a skip to your step.  And if you’re not looking for a skip in your step, your reading the wrong blog. 
tumblr_mgg7u3fcYI1qzleu4o1_500SONY DSC tumblr_lujutsKYB41qafzl9o1_250 Brookline_NWUS


January 7, 2013

259519997247108103_WqD7sBHx_c I want one.  NO, I REALLY WANT ONE.  So much so I might just make one.  how hard could it be?  Looks to me like you sew two small blankets together and you’re done, Bata-bing Bata-boom!  But I have to say the above “slicker” style poncho is very cool – harder to make so I might have to figure out who designed this one and buy it.  I don’t remember where this image came from… something makes me think it’s Tommy Hilfiger, I’m not always a fan of his but this poncho rocks.  A Bing or Google search came up with some great alternatives…

non1417bei_01This one from – NonnativeALRBB138_v1LThis one from – alpacamall.com
4190030751_2-ponchoThis one from – earthwatch.comAALPO036_L…or if this was brown or grey or navy. Don’t care that it’s “for ladies” (also from Alpaca Mall).

product_737_fileTheres even a poncho for people in wheelchairs at buckandbuck.com!

Ponchos for EVERYONE! Look even the cool kids are wearing them…capa-poncho

Who wants to help me sew one? Stay tuned…

What Did Santa Bring You?

December 27, 2012

MOM0069_HGY_M2I have my Mom in town staying for a short while, so I’ll be posting if/when I can.  We have had several days of parties and dinners and extended family to celebrate Christmas. “Santa” brought me those great wool underwear I was hoping for from Ramblers Way – available through Cuddle Down and a beautiful cashmere scarf from James Perse among other things.  I am so very thankful for everything good in my life, my friends, my partner, my mom and family and my health not to mention my succesful career and of course my dogs (stay tuned for an announcement on them) and the bounty in my life.

Today it looks as though were off to Boston to stroll through a few museums and perhaps have lunch someplace fancy.  I hope you are all still feeling the warmth of the holiday and preparing for a fresh new year.

Black Frames

December 20, 2012

2167636-3-MULTIVIEW 2167636-1-MULTIVIEWIt’s a classic, the thin black frame.  It says something but it’s simple and clean and lets what it’s outlining be interest, it doesn’t take over.  Unless of course it’s the Velvet Underground frame from Eye-Bobs!  These velvet wrapped reading glasses will make a statement that’s for sure.  I love the idea of these for black-tie and dress-up moments and at only $75.00 they’d make a great gift – did you see what I just did there? I turned this post into a Gift It post just by suggesting this would make a good one, and they would!

“Get ready for your 15 minutes of fame. With a velvet front and nylon temples, these ultra-chic reading glasses will earn you some serious hipster cred”.


And then there is the other “classic black frame”.  The one I set out to write about. You really can’t go wrong with a thin black frame and a white mat.  The style suits almost any interior and adds a crispness and an articulation that is sharp, clear and just enough to make a statement.

atlanta homes gardens dark gray office white two toned sectional chess board floating picture shelves cococozy

And then, of course there are other versions of the “black frame”.  I have to admit I’ve never painted my trim black before, but I do like the way this kitchen looks… enough to consider doing it in one room of my own home, or perhaps a clients, but maybe not my White on White kitchen.  I might like it with a 20’s vibe black and white tile and the like, but this kitchen is pretty sweet, isn’t it? elizabethroberts49_8th_1

Gift It – Jack Spade

December 15, 2012

NYRU1341_991I need one, so I’m guessing that there’s a guy in your life that needs one too.  I think the Swedish Ary splinter camouflage is interesting and the pop of the orange contrast bottom makes a statement. Not sure how long I’d want to carry a tote that looks like this (there’s that bag again) but a travel dob-kit is the perfect thing to take some liberties on.  Jack Spade is the mastermind behind this design, click over and take a look at all the cool things they are offering up.

Gift It – Louis Vuitton

December 14, 2012

vuitton-mon-monogram-agenda-pmFor the person with everything… I give you the personalized passport cover from Louis Vuitton. Starting at $295 and as much as $450… so you’d better make sure the recipient was nice and not naughty!  I’d like mine with W.T.B. on it please.  And yes, that means I haven’t been (very) naughty.

Gift It – A Pocket Square

December 13, 2012

32088216065228510_ewSWtTff_c-1Add a personal touch to his tailored looks with a pocket square like this one from Alexander Olch. With ruffled edges and sharp shades of blue and brown, this pocket square would look great tucked casually into a light-coloured blazer in the summer months.  White linen, Dark blue silk, gingham, paisley you can’t go wrong… A pocket square is a must have for todays well dressed man and a perfect gift this Christmas.


December 12, 2012

Skjermbilde 2012-12-04 kl. 21.12.38 Yes, in fact I do like color.  Just because I prefer a white kitchen and a beige living room doesn’t mean I can’t embrace a little (or a lot) of color in my own home and in clients homes.  I actually do more colorful interiors than I do somber, neutral palettes.  My “bread and butter” are second homes near the coast so I do a fair share of Coastal sophisticated, Cottage and  Summer Home type looks.  Often folks want strong fun happy colors, a departure from their regular homes, colors that can stand up to the summer sun.  The influence I have is that the right amount of color is used, and it the right combinations.205336064229903138_ZPjFWP6b_fI suggest using color in places like stair wells because its a place that you pass through vs spend time in.  Another favorite place for strong color is the back of bookcases.  Your collectibles, trinkets, mic-nacks and yes… even your books will look more important and POP against a strong color background.  Window treatments and rugs are other good spots for strong color, rugs because they are on a horizontal plane and there for not as obvious as say the walls or sofa.  Window treatments because they are typically up/open so it’s a small amount actually showing and because it’s a fairly easy change out when/if you grow tired of them.
65583738293066697_o8tpbG9E_c 149392912610143219_MtKUKwKx_cSerious crush on these bunk beds!  I love the soft colors on the horizontal boards… this room says a cool kid lives here.  In fact I want an adult sized version of this set up in my guest house, when I get one… make that when I get one on the beach at my second home.  Until then, the colored boards could become an accent wall, or a backsplash, or a cute second bath.

Color can be subtle, soft and tonal too.  Look at this pretty bottle display, popping with spring blossoms forced indoors for a happy moment of color.  The color of these bottles is a color that always makes me happy… Almost teal, more green than blue, hints of turquoise.  This special color is a cool color that feels good in a home often surrounded by the heat of summer.  If you want to use it for your year-round mix it with gold flourishes to warm it up and create a more glam look.

229965124692321157_DhOv3gNZ_c 163888873909981793_CM2OasBO_c Groovy right?  Funny to me that this palette can go from the “hippy” striped accents in this bedroom to high fashion color blocked outfits and shoes found on the runway, but it does and it works high-brow and low-brow.  My opinion is that strong color works best when surrounded by neutral (white).  The lesson: Strong color should be served up like a condiment.  It’s the ketchup, mayo and/or relish… it’s not the hot dog, bun or plate.  Use thoughtfully and sparingly.154811305911505829_wZcr0HeH_c 68539225548547596_ogo3PGoA_c


Gift It – Jewelry

December 11, 2012

il_570xN.186962556You can’t loose with jewelry.  And I’m not talking Zales diamond “remember me” necklaces either.  Fashion jewelry is BIG these days, very in fashion and the best place to buy original, unique and well priced jewelry is Etsy.com …no kidding.  This lil Gold Rush Ring is only $95 and the Nugget Necklace is just $33.  So get on over to Etsy.com and finish your shopping already!  nugget-necklace-etsy

Gift It – Cute Undies

December 7, 2012

8121_su11_lg Crushing on, and might have to treat myself to, a pice or two from Ramblers Way – available through Cuddle down, an amazing resource for all things Cuddly – 100% American made wool comfortwear. This earth friendly and sustainable company is second major eco-friendly venture from the folks that spent nearly 40 years building Tom’s of Maine.  You owe it to yourself (and maybe a few lucky people on your list) to experience these revolutionary lightweight, luxuriously soft, wool garments.  I just love the look and feel of them and knowing that they are American made and sustainable, is icing on the cake.  8122_w13_lg 8121_su11_04_lg 208MLongJohn-Madderv3__22197.1320631722.1280.1280

Summer Wedding

December 1, 2012


Weddings and the details that go along with them are things I typically avoid.  Not that I don’t love imagining “pulling it all together” for a bride and creating a magical event for the occasion, that sounds great.  But I know that weddings can be a very stressful time and “hyper emotional” and if I can avoid drama… well I’m sure you see my point.   It seems there will be a wedding in the family next summer and admittedly I have allowed myself to imagine how I would style a summer wedding.  Just to be clear the bride has not asked for input, and I do not presume to know what she’d like… this is just me sayin I like this look for a summer wedding.


While I love a fancy party and an excuse to get dressed up, I find that a sightly more casual affair sets a more relaxed mood and allows guests to really enjoy the event, it’s less stiff and in the heat of summer “formal” just doesn’t feel right.  I like the idea of a  sophisticated  picnic, seersucker and gingham, lemonade and linen… you know the drill.  If the event is a late afternoon affair that’s good with me, twilight is such a pretty time of day and the idea of the ceremony in the light and the dinner at dusk and the “party” stretching well into the darkness all sound perfect to me.  
p17nmI love the simplicity of these hanging white lights and mixed with a casual hang out for young or old away from the main party is a great idea, a stolen kiss, a quick smoke – please think about quitting if you’re a smoker – a private chat or simply a break from the all of it, little oasis like these have become very popular at weddings, not everyone will want to dance all night.165999936235554093_Ug5oI3cM_c

Yellow in your flowers? Yes please!  I love the mix of color in this arrangement and the pop of yellow threading through the decor.  It’s not a color many brides choose and I like it for that reason but it also suits a summer wedding and holds up visually to strength of a bright summer sun.  Mixed with pinks, apricots and oranges the cheekiness of the yellow is mellowed to something festive without reading juvenile.  The men dressed in soft greys, khaki or navy will look dapper and current with yellow boutonneres.
p12wI have seen just about every idea there ever was for marking tables, names of boats, places the couple hold near to their hearts, and all the rest (I’ll spare you the list) and I still like a simple number best and this is a darn cute way of marking the tables.  I don’t care for tall flat signs that ruin the vibe of the tablescape, this idea supports the summer picnic theme.

wedding-flower-decoration-ideas-4If you’re planning on walking across the lawn to the altar, please do this!  Any other type of runner looks like it was put there just to keep the brides dress clean (don’t do it, get married inside if you don’t want to dirty your hem… but it will get dirty anyway).  Scatter petals to coordinate with the brides bouquet up the aisle and if your on a budget ball jars tied to the chairs can hold flowers and then be transferred to the tables for dinner – I love a ball jar!
11-20-flowers-1FOR THE GUYS…

It’s summer after all, let them drink beer  (if they want to).  Have a separate bar for the keg and dress it up with a few of these.  Cute right?  or if you’re going all out use this idea for the bachelor party.


MoPa (Modern Parent)

November 26, 2012

MoPa is an event company, and online resource for parents and soon to be parents, I’d call them curators of all things baby.  What is cool, what is safe, trends in baby gear, the all of it is edited with a keen eye (for style), and wrapped up pretty on-line and in their events.  The folks at MoPa blog about fashion for moms and kids, they tell it like it is on latest trends, fads and must haves AND they produce vendor events so parents and soon-to-be parents can checkout the latest and greatest in person, how smart is that?  I’m lucky enough to know Denell Pepin, owner/president of MoPa and let me tell you… girls got style!  This young lady and mother of two has it going on.  Always “on point” her parties are perfection, every outfit effortless and chic, her events are informative AND fun and she’s a great dinner companion (smart and funny).  It makes sense that a lady this smart and chic would want to share her knowledge, spread the love as it were, but I was totally flattered when she asked me to participate in her Holiday Gift Guide for MoPa.  

I know what your thinking  – what the heck does this guy know about parenting beyond the four-legged type of parenting? Nothing. But I know a thing or two about giving gifts…  So together we created a Gift Giving Guide.  We chatted about our loves for the season long enough and with such passion and conviction that she included a brief interview about my style, entertaining, etc.  Click on over to see her great work and the interview Here.  There are 30 days til Christmas!

It’s In The Bag!

November 21, 2012

Hi, my name is Bill Barr and I’m addicted to bags.  Messenger, tote, back-pack doesn’t matter.. If it holds stuff, and I get to think about how it will look with a given outfit or lend style to a look short on style then I’m in!  I have actually wondered if starting a new blog exclusively for bags would make sense.  it would allow me to indulge my obsession… mens and women’s, ones that I covet, ones others covet, ones that should be coveted, whats trendy, whats out… the list could go on and on, there are so many good bags.

I seem to be a fan of the tote.  I like totes for their ease of entrance.  you can find what you need without a flap, zipper or latches, buckles or even a snap.  If I’m on your list, I would LOVE this navy bag.  It would be my “go to” summer bag, I’d wear it with khakis, and white Jack Purcell sneakers and yeah, a navy and white striped D-ring belt.

They are everywhere and this holiday season they will set a festive mood with jeans and a V-neck sweater or black-tie or anything in between.  I like wearing mine with a blue blazer and dark jeans and my yellow soled Marc Mcnairy boots.  Bight colors are the best way to beat the winter greys, and fun patterns give a playful look.  I feel great when I’ve got a tie on and a bow tie is sort sporty and lighthearted.  Here’s a shot of me getting ready for an on-line magazine launch party I went to last night for MoPa
Got a guy in your life you might want to buy a gift for?  Check out the gift guide in the MoPa on-line magazine I help put together the mens list or get him a bow tie.  I’m telling you they will be just as popular this spring and summer and next so he will get plenty of use out a playful pattern and/or color.   And if you’re completely convinced your guy (or you for that matter) won’t like the look… a pocket square always fits, it’s easy on the pocketbook – or at least in can be depending where you shop – and every guy looks better and more pulled together with a pocket square.  EVEN, if you have to start him with a classic plain white linen.  My favorite store for pocket squares is Sault New England in Boston.  If you live anywhere on the eastern seaboard, it’s worth the drive for great mens fashions, gifts, and a curated melange of interesting things.


November 7, 2012

I shop a lot.  That doesn’t mean I’m always spending money, trust me I don’t spend as much as I would like to but I do enjoy staying in touch with trends, feeling fashionable and knowing what is “in”.  I love Mr. Porter, J. Crew, Charlie – by Matt Zink, Eye-bobs, Sault New England, Alden Shoes and after feeling out of touch for many seasons Coach is back to looking young, fresh and definitely shopable!  

I think for a time as the brand grew, they relied on the logo and name to carry the sales and accessibility supported big dollars allowing for the luxury brand to become more of a household name thus expansion into more cities and towns (and eventually malls).  Coach is still a brand that would be considered higher end brand but people still seem to be treating themselves to some nicer things in an economy that doesn’t allow for luxuries. And Coach feels like a good price point without being gougey and quality made leather goods can last a lifetime so an investment too, perhaps.  Whats critical for me is it looks like they (the buyers, designers and merchandisers) at Coach are paying more attention to design, trends and fashion than how many logos they can squeeze on to a wallet.

For Women I’m liking:

And for the men:

p.s. This is not a paid endorsement, nor do I have the permission to use these images from Coach.com and I know Shopable and gougey arn’t really words.

Autumn On County Street

November 5, 2012

Halloween has come and gone, leaves litter the yard and the air is crisp (and I avoided posting a Halloween costume picture, epic to say the least). Autumn is in full swing on the East Coast.  Friends are getting their electricity back in Manhattan , Thanksgiving menus are being planned and I am loving the layering happening on my own personal fashion front.  Sweaters and scarves are all out of hiding and I’m rocking cords and tweeds and bow ties, oh my!  There is so much to love about fall/autumn on the East Coast.  I almost don’t even miss Summer (I miss it terribly).

Fall to me means dinner parties with fires in all the fireplaces, hearty dinners and boozy old fashions pair with turtleneck sweaters and boots.  Evenings at home with close friends and the dogs at your feet feel cozy and help you forget winter is on its way.  In recent weeks I have become one of the converted if you couldn’t tell from the images in today’s post.  Yes, I am now an Instagram devotee.  Crack hoe is closer to the truth but I never showed you as picture of my Halloween costume so why would I want you to know that Instagram is my new crack?  it is… Crack.  Just like crack.  find me on there and you’ll find Halloween pictures. If you’re not already on Instagram, consider yourself warned, it’s Crack.  Did I mention Instagram is just like crack?So where was I? ah, yes… turtlenecks and cords, or pocket squares and tweed jackets, it’s all the same it’s Fall Drag.  And I buy into it every season.  Boots and bags costume me, the look of the season, what dessert to serve at Thanksgiving and then the dreaded Christmas shopping list – and wish list : ) This time of year I like to cut my hair short – I love my barber Joey and wear snug knit hats made of cashmere, and change my sunnies from gold metal frames to tortoise-shell frames and carry a dark brow leather manbag, ignoring my caramel colored bag all winter long.

The Dogs sense that the days are getting shorter and the evenings are coming more quickly.  The dog content to sleep at the foot of the bed is now on the bed and the dog content with sleeping on the bed in now IN the bed.  It’s colder now and slippers are the norm, after dinner attire is cashmere sweatpants and a sweatshirt or sweater, I haven’t put shorts on in weeks (except for gymshorts, and those have an elastic waist so I can’t tell if I’m maintaining my summer waistline), not to worry, don’t have to bring the Summer clothes out til February or March when I’ll escape to some far off land that is having Summer while New England is struggling into the first early weeks of spring, still cold and leafless.  That wake-up call will be enough to get me back on track and hopefully there won’t be too much to lose before Summer.

The yard is almost dormant, crazy plants like the jasmine seems to be the only plant pushing to do more, usually, finally blooming it seems as the first flakes of snow begin their decent on New England.  We are at that critical point when one must decide it’s late enough to rake (hopefully most trees have finished dropping their leaves) but early enough that a layer of snow doesn’t make the job more difficult, and perhaps avoidable?  Never a good idea, bulbs will have a hard time getting past large undecomposed leaves, preserved in snow and ice for months when they begin to grow.  Go out and rake!
I guess I see this post as my Haiku to fall.  What arrives, what leaves (leafs, did you see that? I avoided that pun).  What Fall is that Summer isn’t, what Autumn is what Spring isn’t…  Take what you enjoy from each season, try to be mindful and thankful everyday, not just the days someone else is serving you pumpkin pie and doing the dishes after you’ve gone home.  Try to stay on track, indulge occasionally but don’t forget ow much you love Summer (and how you feel in a swimsuit when you’re in shape).  Love your pets, don’t sweat the small stuff, take one day at a time exercise and have dessert every now and then.

It’s all over the place, bottle green might just be the new it color.  Trending that’s for sure, I’m seeing this beautiful hue in fashion and furnishings and it seems to be gaining strength.  Now that Sandy – the hurricane – has past ( and I hope all are well and getting back to normal.  My heart goes out to those who have lost… a loved one, a pet, a home… ) we can all try to get back to “normal” or at least allow ourselves the distraction of design, fashion, trend and pretty things.

The luxury brand Akris is no stranger to identifying trends or creating them, their newest collection includes multiple pieces in the most delicious green you may have ever seen (or worn).  The handbags are an architectural dream of trapezoids, and elegant geometry and the dresses and other clothing sublime.

This is one of the newest table lamps from Jamie Young.  I love the fresh green of this lamp – so much in fact I just spec’d it for a clients TV room.  This lamp makes me want to open multiple pack of M&M’s and eat all the green ones.  For those of you who fear color, a colorful lamp is a nice entre into the world of color.

 There is always an option for the bold bunch too.  Take these malachite print drapery panels, this is a commitment to color!  But it so works… Love it with a bit of brass for that 70’s vibe without being to literal, it pays nicely with the dark stain of the floors and has good contrast with white walls and furniture.

And, this takes the term living green to a whole new level.  I could live with a green room but it’s hard to look pretty in a green room, you might want to add pink bulbs to your light fixtures to counter the effects the green paint will have on your skin-tone (not entirely kidding, but not sure it will work either).

Ladies and gentlemen,  I give you… Bottle Green! go git yo sef some.


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